A brand new way to use Turbotax

Use Turbotax for freeAs I mentioned in my previous articles, there are definitely times when you need to consult a CPA. But for other things, like filing tax returns, CPAs are not always necessary.

For the last 10 years or so, I’ve forgone using CPAs or tax preparation services. Instead, I purchased Turbotax at office supply stores like OfficeMax and did my own taxes. I loved the program for its simplicity, and it allowed me to finish my returns in about 2-3 hours, even though I had stock sales, supplemental income, and other issues that complicated my returns a bit. I fell in love with Turbotax since I first began using it, and have used it every year since then.

It turns out I no longer need to purchase boxed versions of the software, as a few years back, Turbotax online became available. By creating a login, you can now do your taxes over your browser, and there is nothing you need to install on your computer. At first, I was a bit reluctant to use the online version, fearing it would be more slow and cumbersome compared to the regular software. I’m pleased to say I was wrong about this matter. Despite the fact that you use the program over a browser, the software is easy to use. In fact, once you start using Turbotax online, you will likely not notice a difference between the online and software versions.

On really terrific aspect of the free edition of Turbotax is that you can start working on your taxes for free. Not only is this convenient for users, I think it is a brilliant move by Turbotax, as more people will try the program this way. In fact, you can complete your entire return online for free and view the exact refund you’ll be receiving. It’s only then that you can decide whether to “purchase” the program and thus be able to submit the returns.

You have the option to print your return or submit them online. I don’t know why anyone would choose to submit their returns over mail, as electronic submission is much simpler.

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Watch the video before if you want a detailed look on how to file your taxes online using Turbotax: