Watching movies online: Hulu Plus or Netflix?

Hulu PlusPeople who like online streaming for movies and TV shows used to have to choose between Hulu Plus and Netflix. Both charged the same price ($7.99 a month) and as far as I could tell, had very similar content. Of the two, I had a slight preference for Hulu since I liked the interface better, and that’s why I signed up for a Hulu plus free trial not long ago. When it expired, I became a regular subscriber.

Now there is a new kid on the block: Redbox Instant. Again, it’s priced the same as the other two services, and offers streaming movies and tv shows. One notable difference, however, is that Redbox Instant gives you 4 DVD credits per month, which you can use to rent DVDs from a Red Box Kiosk. While I’ve been faithful to Hulu so far, this offer from Redbox is intriguing so I might get their free trial as well.

Incidentally, you can get free trials for all of these services.