What do you think about online matchmaking?

Matchmaking is something that traditionally, people like our friends and family have done. But in today’s world much of the matchmaking that occurs is done online, by computers no less. So can you trust a computer algorithm to find something as elusive as love for you?

The answer seems to be yes, at least for some people. I did a bit of research and it seems that Matchmaking sites like eHarmony have been responsible for thousands of marriages a year, for many years now. And other studies have indicated that people who find relationships online are more likely to be happy and stay together. If you don’t believe me, just do some searches online and you’ll find tons of articles confirming that online matchmaking does seem to work rather well. Who would’ve thought? It looks like computers have us beat in the matchmaking department. Maybe it’s because they take emotion out of the equation and simply match people up using proven theories about compatibility.

With all the data being gathered by sites like eHarmony, I imagine compatibility matching will become even more sophisticated and accurate over the years. I don’t know if eHarmony constantly tweaks their algorithm, but they would be fools not to, since they have endless streams of live data coming in daily upon which they can draw to fine tune their system.

But eHarmony is still far from perfect. Those who have tried it have mixed results, but based on the people I’ve talked to, they more often have positive things to say than negative ones. One complaint I have heard a lot is that the system is slow to generate matches and using the site therefore requires some time and patience, something that not all of us have in the fast-paced world of today. Nevertheless, those in search of love could do worse than using a site that has an impressive track record. For more information, and to get an eharmony free trial, just go to couponleaf.com.